Build Hope Children’s Education Program

BHI’s Investment in People has included partnerships with higher education institutions across Los Angeles such as University of Southern California, University of California Los Angeles, CalState LA, CalState Dominguez Hills, Charles Drew University and five core community colleges to support FAFSA completion, host on-campus experiences, tutoring for our youth, and vocational training.

Our activities start with increasing youth participation (from Pre-K to 8th grade) by focusing on attaining grade level reading skills, strengthening skills in math, science and technology, and introducing youth to a variety of activities, experiences and environments in and outside their neighborhoods and regular routines.

BHI partners with after-school and recreation partners located in facilities on HACLA property to coordinate and fundraise for program enhancements. These may include new investments in the build-out of space and equipment or piloting new programs or enrichments. Our programs include:

  • UCLA (Watts) Tutoring Program & Study Hall
  • Learning Pods began during the COVID19 pandemic and were conceived with various program partners. The pods provided a safe place and digital access to virtual school during the pandemic and an after-school component to let kids practice their skills. The program has been so successful, BHI expects these Learning Pods to continue into the post-pandemic school year and become a regular space for learning. They provide a creative and inspired indoor/outdoor space where learning can happen in small-group supportive settings. BHI helps equip the pods with tools to meet children’s varying learning levels and help them achieve, maintain and excel grade level expectations.

Life trajectories must be nurtured, and BHI works with partners to focus college- and career-based programming and support for our youth ages 14-24. Nothing is taken for granted in our communities, and we work on all basic needs, including access to computers and internet, supporting our youth in their dreams, giving them the space and opportunity to begin dreaming.

Our most active Education & Life Skills Partners include:

  • Southern California College Access Network (SoCAL CAN) who provides one-on-one education navigation support to residents at five select public housing developments. Together we work on Students + Opportunities + Achievements = Results (Project SOAR), a HUD demonstration program that provides grant funding to select Public Housing Authorities (such as HACLA)––to help young residents and their parents navigate the college application process. The program provides college prep counselling, FAFSA and CA Dream Act application support, scholarship and essay writing assistance, tutoring and much more. Given the shortage of college counselors in the traditional school system, this program has proven to be in demand as more and more students seek assistance with college readiness.
  • Five Keys (Adult Literacy) is a long-time partner of our WorkSource Center and has helped BHI offer adult education and high school diplomas support. They also provide short term training in construction math and other specialized concentrations in Career Technology Education.
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Los Angeles Low-Income Scholarships


BHI Scholarships currently provide $500-$2,500 a year to public housing and Section 8 first-time college students. The funds from our scholarship are intended to provide students the extra funds they need to support themselves or their families during their first year of college, when we see the largest drop out rates happen. We encourage youth to use these funds any way that best suits them or their families, including travel, local transportation, food or the purchase of books and supplies.

BHI’s goal is to increase the Scholarship Fund to incorporate a Returning Scholar Program, providing annual support to our recipients as they continue their journey through college. Additional funding will allow students to focus on their studies, avoid working one- or two- jobs while studying, or potentially dropping out of school to support their families.

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