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BHI wants to create a culture of health within all of HACLA’s residential communities. This means supporting physical and mental health programs and developing spaces and environments that promote community wellness.

BHI works with a number of HACLA’s on-site health partners to provide program enhancements or support healthy events. They include Providence Health Mobile Unit, St. John Wellness (smoking cessation), Cedar Sinai (Coach for Kids), and Behavioral Resource Center (mobile health unit), as well as AltaMed, Watts Health, and the Children’s Institute.

Project Fatherhood was developed to give chiefly underserved, urban, culturally diverse fathers an opportunity to connect with their children and play a meaningful role in their lives.  Project Fatherhood effectively addresses the problem of absentee fathers, a major social issue affecting the healthy development of a significant number of children, by providing comprehensive parenting skills to culturally diverse fathers using an innovative support group model. The program consists of weekly group therapy sessions for fathers to assist them in building stronger relationships with their children and significant others. Currently, we are partnering with Build Plus Community Partners and the Watts Gang Task Force to continue this worthwhile program in the Watts community.  

Project Fatherhood services include:

  • Group Support
  • Therapeutic activities for children
  • Preventing child abuse and neglect
  • Helping fathers to make healthier decisions in relationships
  • Job training and employment assistance.

The success of Project Fatherhood led to the creation of Motivated Mothers, a support group focused on providing therapy sessions and resources to single mothers coping with raising children in resource-poor environments and help grow their peer safety net. The program has been a huge success in providing a peer mentorship model and has supported dozens of mothers in their journey to improve themselves, develop deep and meaningful relationships with their children, and ensure that their families have access to opportunities.

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