BHI’s mission is to ensure that our residents are provided with the necessary skills for professional development and career management.

Our LA/Watts WorkSource Center and network of Employment and Training Centers (ETCs)  are located throughout our large family housing sites and at HACLA’s main Section 8 office. These centers serve as a valuable resource for adults and youth; providing the opportunity for resume writing assistance, employment search, homework assistance, preparation for taking the California High School Exit Examination, SAT prep, typing, and introduction to a wide range of computer-based programs. BHI supports thirteen (13) ETCs in addition to its a primary WorkSource Center site.

Build Hope Los Angeles Education Program

Not only are these centers a place to introduce skill-building, they are a connector to certified training programs, college and career-building opportunities, and entrepreneurism. Life Coaches and Job Developers work with clients to provide unique supports that suit their job and career aspirations, with courses in financial literacy, High School Equivalency and English as a Second Language classes. We work with clients on expungement, addressing debts, meeting basic needs and stabilizing housing. Our support lasts during the job search process and years after job placement since we know staying employed can be difficult without childcare, transportation, health care and other basic needs being supported.  85% of our clients are considered hard to serve, with prior criminal records, gang affiliations, or homeless.

HireLA Program. Through the LA/Watts WorkSource Center, BHI runs a Youth Employment Program that provides job opportunities to at-risk youth ages 14-24. Our program places over 500 youth annually in jobs with employers like Housing Authority of the City of Los Angles, Boys and Girls Clubs, and various retail stores across the City. Our youth are being paid to learn the world of work and getting the chance to explore the career opportunities open to them. Participants are supported with financial literacy classes, establishing bank accounts and leadership development.

Our most active work readiness partners include:

  • WINTER Women in Non-Traditional Employment Roles, a training partner, is also a long term partner to the Workforce Development team. With construction and health as our two areas of focus for careers, WINTER has been a wonderful resource, providing support to the women in our program interested in construction careers. WINTER has helped place our clients in long-term Union-wage jobs.
  • Career Expansion works with our WorkSource Center to also provide entry to the trades and construction with great training and placement programs.
  • The Audubon Society’s Urban Forestry curriculum has been essential in that we recognize the importance Green Jobs represent to our future workforce and employment future. Additionally, our partnership with Northeast Trees in brush and park management, forest management, tree planting and other broad green-centric fields are to our youth in identifying and pursuing these unique career pathways.
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