Secretary Tiffany Prescott has held positions as Executive Assistant at HACLA, Section 8 Management Clerk and Eligibility Interviewer, and later in Intergovernmental and Community Relations as an Administrative Assistant.

Tiffany received her Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration from California State University, Fullerton and is working on her MBA from Grand Canyon University. She is a member of the Iota Phi-Lambda Sorority Gamma Mu Chapter Sisterhood and continues to participate in their outreach and community events that seek to empower the youth and young adults through civil and social service activities, leadership, and business education. 

When she isn’t guiding board operations for the team as expert governance lead, Tiffany deepens her connection to her family and hones her artistic expression through writing and illustrating children’s books. Tiffany is also active in many organizations in her community, volunteering regularly to provide hot meals to local homeless and underprivileged families.